Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GARTNER’s Mike Bigelow Helps Enterprise Offer 50 Million Thanks

Whether he’s directing a comedy spot for Bud Light or the anthemic “Thanks to America” :60 for Enterprise (which broke during NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics), Mike Bigelow’s heart is in the right place. It’s a quality that’s increasingly valuable in a world where consumer interaction is so immediate and ongoing. “I’ve worked with Enterprise quite a bit and they are a great company with a genuine affection and appreciation for their customers,” says Bigelow. “It’s something that is reflected in the ‘Employee’ spots I’ve done over the past few years and it runs through this new piece.”

Created via Cannonball, St. Louis, “Thanks to America” opens with vignettes of the ways in which people say ‘Thank You’ - a daughter on her wedding day, a soldier’s welcome home - and wonders, as Enterprise did, how a company says ‘thanks’. As the sun sets over a lake, we find the answer -- in a forest. Through its unprecedented partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Enterprise announced its pledge to plant 50 million trees in US national forests. As the copy points out, that’s like planting a new Central Park every ten days for the next 50 years.

To convey the sentiment of the spot - a thanks to America and Americans for a half century of support - Bigelow and his crew embraced the idea of company moves. Locations ranged from numerous LA locales, to forests like Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon, and the skies of Colorado.

“This was a departure from the previous work I’d done with Enterprise which focused on their employees - this was more about Americana,” says Bigelow. “It was a fun and rewarding project. We’re all very proud of it and it’s great to have a platform like the Olympic broadcast to convey a heartfelt message.”

Client: Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Spots Title(s): “Thanks to America”
First Air Date: July 28, 2012

Agency/Location: Cannonball, St. Louis
Creative Director: Joe Bishop
CCO: Steve Hunt
COO/Chief Strategist: Stacey Goldman
Agency Producer: Larry Israel

Production Company/Location: GARTNER / Santa Monica
Director: Mike Bigelow
DP: Mandy Walker
EP(s): Don Block, Rich Carter, Elaine Behnken
Producer: Helen Hollien

Editorial Company/Location: 90 Degrees West, St. Louis [less]